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Big File Finder for Android


The object is to create an application which is able to find the biggest files in selected directories.


Create an Android application, which is able to find N biggest files in selected directories and subdirectories. The course of search should be visible in UI as well as system notification.
Number of files (N) and directories are defined by user. The number of directories is optional.

Technical Specification

The outcome is an APK application

The successful solution also includes functional source codes that are easy to compile (Android project), description of selected solution and development resources used.

The application may be tested in the development environment simulator, i.e. it is not necessary to own an Android phone.


Number of files (N) the user wishes to find.

Dynamic list of directories where the files shall be searched for (possibility to add and take away directories before the search).


Output is the list of N biggest files including the size and full path.


The following will be evaluated:

Functionality of application.

Effectiveness (memory, speed), the programming techniques and structures used.

Source code quality and software design of the solution.


Good-looking and functional Android UI.

Possibility of parallel search in case directories are located on various physical media, i.e. internal vs. external SD card.


For Android platform, it is possible to use any SDK (4.0 and higher).

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