Crack me

If you want to join the team that every day faces global cyber-threats, uncover a hidden puzzle in the crackme program and prove us your potential.

1. Download the crackme.exe program

The program was designed to test your skillset in reverse engineering, which might come in handy when you work at ESET in one of the positions described above.

2. Analyze the crackme.exe program and look for 3 passwords hidden in its programming code

The program can contain hidden files, texts, conditional tasks, protection against debuggers and other pitfalls, which could complicate your arriving at the solution.

Send your analysis to:

Don’t worry too much if you can’t make it past all the hurdles and uncover the hidden passwords. Even if you did not find the solution, we still want to see your analysis, most importantly the progression of steps you took. We are interested in your way of thinking.

Download the crackme.exe program