IT Business Analyst

The task below is split into several areas to demonstrate your skills to address various views on the problem domain. We expect your solution to be in English to evaluate your writing skills as well.

Let's consider you receive this business requirement from product manager. Please read it carefully and try to solve a task defined below. We expect your solution to be in English to evaluate your writing skills as well.

Business requirement

Let us imagine a family that owns several devices - computers, tablets and/or smartphones - and each of these devices has our antivirus software installed. The father is responsible for managing all the devices (i.e., installing and updating the necessary software, managing various settings, etc.). He faces the problem that each time he wants to check the protection status of all family devices, he must access them one-by-one, each time open the antivirus software and check the protection status locally (see how this works in the locally installed ESS product: ESS - Protection status).

We would like to address this problem and provide the family with a single place where information about all their devices is provided - a web portal. The portal must be able to display basic information about installed product: product type, platform, application version, device name, hardware fingerprint, license key of license used for activation of given product and username of logged in user. The family must create an account within this web portal in order to be able to use its functions. The web account will be accessible by entering credentials - a username and a password. The password must be hashed by MD5 hash, a communication between client and server must be encrypted and must be used HTTP protocol.


Identify Risks, Problems and Grey zones related to given business requirement. Do not forget to challenge the requirement itself, the requirement is intentionally incorrectly defined.

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